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A 1 Class 2019  -  siehe Flyer auf der Starseite "Home" 

eingeführte Figuren:

scoot and dodge, triple scoot, clover and anything, triple trade, quarter thru,

partner tag, horseshoe turn, crosstrail thru, anything and cross, three quarter thru,

right roll to a wave, six-two acey deucey, pass in, step and slide, mix, pass the sea,

cross over circulate, chain reaction, square chain thru, as coupels concept,

fractional tops, lockit, wheel thru, quarter in, quarter out, pair off, explode the line,

cast a shadow, transfer the column, brace thru, grand follow your neighbor, partner hing,

turn and deal, "belle" and "beau", double star thru, triple star thru, swap around,

reverse swap around


ends bend, split square thru, cycle and wheel,

cross clover and anything, explode and anything       -   finito :-)   !!!

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