z.Zt. findet eine A2-Class statt.

Die weiteren Termine:

27.01.2020,  10.02.2020,  24.02.2020,  03.03.2020   Graduation


bereits geübte Figuren:

swing,  slip,  mini busy,  trade circulate,  spin the windmill, scoot chain thru,

switch the wave, scoot & weave, pass & roll, in-roll circulate, remake,

transfer & anything, motivate, trail off, slither, split/box counter rotate, single wheel,

recycle, peel and trail, pass and roll your neighbor, switch to a diamond,

diamond chain thru, remake the thar, houerglass formation, switch to an houerglass,

houerglass circulate, flip/cut the houerglass, slide, split/box transfer, out-roll-circulate


nächste Figuren:

checkmate the column, zig-zag

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